Our new website is finally live! As a chapter, we find it important to have a medium to show who we are and what we do as a Brotherhood. This project started at the end of the summer, headed up by our chapter’s president, Eric Corriveau. Alex Henning took up the position of webmaster, and helped create the layout and look of the site. Public relations committee head Nicholas Rowles undertook, along with his committee, the task of creating and maintaining the content of the website.

To help get started on the project, those involved brainstormed ideas regarding both layout and content. These ideas would come to fruition over the following weeks, with tweaks and changes being applied where necessary.

Now that the layout of the site is complete, and all content has been created, we are very excited to finally launch the website! We hope that you will find this page helpful in learning about the Delta Sigma Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Rho and what we do as a Brotherhood.