The Delta Sigma Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Rho has continued to recruit and induct new members into the Brotherhood throughout its existence. Our recruitment process occurs on a yearly basis in the fall, and consists of Rush and our New Member Education program.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact the AXP Rush Chairs:


At WPI, the fraternity recruitment process begins with Rush. Rush begins on November 1st, and continues until December 4th. During this time period, all men interested in joining the Greek community are invited to go to meals and events hosted by fraternities.

During rush, we host lunches and dinners on week days. Lunch is served from 11:30am-12:30pm, and dinners is served from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Meals are meant to allow interested recruits to meet the Brothers on an individual basis, and to get a feel for the fraternity as a whole. Our events are a great way to have fun with the Brothers and other prospective members. If you want to keep up to date with what's going on, join our Facebook group.

Rush Calendar

Be sure to check out our complete rush calendar to see a complete overview of all dates and times for our rush events.

Video Game Night

11/5/15 (6:00 PM)

Get the chance to fight, race, battle, and ultimately get to know the Brothers of Alpha Chi Rho during our Video Game Night.

Car Smash

11/7/15 (1:00 PM)

Help us annihilate a car with axes, a CROWbar, or even a sledgehammer! This is a great way to blow off steam.

Fire and Ice

11/9/15 (5:00 PM)

Enjoy a dinner at Fire and Ice with us! Have a handcrafted meal with the food cooked right in front of you!


11/12/15 (5:30 PM)

Come on down to Skyzone and experience endless trampolines! With foam pits and dodgeball, you’re sure to have a blast!

Archery Tag

11/14/15 (2:00 PM)

What happens when you cross the paintball with The Hunger Games? That’s right, Archery Tag! Hunt down your opponents with (foam tipped) arrows to be the victor.

Kung Fu Night

11/17/15 (5:00 PM)

Are you proficient in martial arts? Don’t worry, neither are we. But that doesn’t mean you can’t come hang out with us for a night of cheesy Kung Fu films.

Casino Night

11/19/15 (6:00 PM)

We’ve got games. We’ve got prizes. We’ve got it all! Come down to the house and try your luck at our casino night.

Wright’s Chicken Farm

11/21/15 (12:00 PM)

Chicken. Lots of it. As much as you can eat. On us.

Laser Tag

11/23/15 (5:30 PM)

Experience the thrill of battle as you battle with and against Brothers to become the ultimate laser tag champion!

5 Wits!

11/30/15 (5:30 PM)

Come on adventures for our last Rush event before Bids Night! Solve scenarios with brothers and other Rushees built by 5 Wits Productions!

Bids and Joining Alpha Chi Rho

The Brotherhood is continuously looking for prospective members.  We welcome all prospective members regardless of race, creed, ethnicity and background.  We also think it is essential that prospective members be able to live within the basic principles of the Fraternity:

Membership from among those who are prepared to realize in word and deed, the Brotherhood of all men.

The insistence on a high and clean moral standard.

The paramount duty of Brotherly love among members.

Judgment not by externals, but by intrinsic worth; no one is denied membership in Alpha Chi Rho because of race, creed, or nationality.

Alpha Chi Rho’s basic principles are found in the Landmarks, formed by the Founders of the Fraternity over a century ago. They culminate in the noble traditions of Alpha Chi Rho and represent what our Founders believed was the ideal Brotherhood.

These are the Landmarks of Alpha Chi Rho; its foundation and its heritage. The ideals which they express are to be lived out by every Brother of Alpha Chi Rho, not only during his college days, but also throughout his life.

Membership is an important MUTUAL act. Not only are you joining the Brotherhood, the Brotherhood is welcoming you as a Brother, a member of the family, a family that has grown and prospered for over fifty years at WPI.

The recruitment process is simple; get to know the Brothers. We will make every effort to get to know you. Attend our Rush functions, hang out with us, and learn and participate in the Landmarks with us. If we feel that you are a good match for the fraternity, we will give you a bid, which signifies that you have been invited to join our New Member Education program. To accept this invitation, you may do so by signing your bid on Bid’s Night (12/5/14). This night is the beginning of your time in the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, and the beginning of an excellent life-long relationship.

New Member Education Program

There is much more to joining Alpha Chi Rho than a bid, a signature, and handshakes. You become immersed in the Landmarks, understand the values of the Fraternity and develop your own sense of living the Landmarks. You learn to act as a team, responsible for daily management and growth of a half million dollar enterprise, maintaining and improving the condition of the house and property, managing funds and learning how to use teamwork as a benchmark for daily operations. You will participate in the Brotherhood’s outreach to the community, setting up community service events and understanding why our commitment to philanthropy is such an important part of our Fraternity life. You will participate in all the Fraternity social events, help plan parties and enjoy the events immensely. Most of all, you will spend your time ensuring that you get to know the Brothers and your new member companions exceptionally well. As many of our Graduates will tell you, the friends that they made during the New Member Education Program are their best friends, continuing many years after graduation.